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Acupuncture awakens, strengthens and focuses the body’s capacity to heal itself.  It is known to effectively increase physical and emotional health, enhance immunity and improve overall function and well-being. Acupuncture is a safe, painless and effective form of care.

What to Expect

Consistent Results with Acupuncture Annapolis Featured HP

Acupuncture is like eating well or working out. You must do it more than once to get the desired result. After initial treatments, therapy can taper. The ultimate goal is to stop treatment or transition to maintenance care as quickly as possible.

Chinese Herbal Medicine

Chinese Herbal Medicine

Chinese herbal tradition goes back thousands of years with extensive texts that detail the presentation & treatment of both internal & external medical disorders.

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  • Pain & Discomfort: Physical or Emotional
    Pain & Discomfort: Physical or Emotional
    We all experience our own version of pain & discomfort. Pain comes in many different forms, whether it is physical or emotional. I always add the word discomfort when talking about pain, because a lot of what we experience isn’t what we would consider “real” pain. It can be lots of...
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  • COVID-19 Policies & Procedures
    COVID-19 Policies & Procedures
    Acupuncture Clinic Policies & Procedures Any patients who have or have had COVID-19, must wait a minimum of two full weeks from the onset of symptoms before receiving treatment. The same wait period applies to patients who have come into contact with someone suspected of having COVID-19. If you have...
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  • Gua Sha Therapy Guide
    Gua Sha Therapy Guide
    Gua Sha (pronunced Gwah Shaw or Gwah Saw) , is an ancient manual medical technique that uses a tool to scrape the skin, muscle & fascia for the purpose of loosening adhesions or stagnation, relieving muscle tension & promoting normal circulation to these tissues. This creates an expansion of the...
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