Get Ready for Winter… Strengthen Your Immune System Now!

My grandmother didn’t practice Chinese Medicine. She would be surprised, however, to find out how much of the wisdom she imparted to me actually has validity in the realm of ancient Chinese Medicine.

Your Neck will Catch Cold

Grandma used to drive me crazy in the winter season, always insisting I wear a scarf outside or catch a cold. As a matter of fact, there is something to that. Chinese medicine teaches us there is a spot on the back of our necks which is capable of absorbing wind and cold. Once absorbed, it can take hold in your system and increase your chances of actually catching a cold. Work towards avoiding colds this winter by keeping the back of your neck covered from the cold air when you’re outside.

The Spice of Life

One more thing… Grandma’s chicken soup was always a winner for the coldest time of year. The hot or warm temperature of the soup is a good start, but the spices which are usually in good chicken soup, such as pepper and garlic, also do their part to help you feel your best. Spicy foods are good for you and work with your body to beat colds and other seasonal illnesses.
Experiment with new spices, and stick by old favorites. Some which will help are ginger, clove, cayenne pepper, lemon, honey, and cinnamon. They will bring you comfort and keep you on track for a healthier season.

Acupuncture and Acupressure

Acupuncture is a great tool to use in staying healthy as winter approaches. By stimulating specific acupuncture sites, you nudge your immune system into action. Regular visits to your acupuncture therapist are ideal, as your body can be proactive against colds and other illnesses.

If you can’t get to an acupuncturist, use manual pressure to stimulate these points. Try the Lung 7 point by holding your hand out like you’re going to shake hands with someone. Run your finger on the opposite hand along the top of the thumb, until you get just past the wrist. Apply pressure at this point of the inner wrist. This action will help with your lungs and open up your breathing ability.

Stomach 36 is another pressure point you can use. Find it by going to the bottom of your kneecap and moving four fingers down to the outside. This point can help with immunity and keep your defensive energy, called your “Wei Qi” up.

Using All Your Wellness Tools

By paying attention to the messages your body sends, and practicing these few time-tested tips from ancient Chinese medicine, you can get ready to enjoy the holidays and the upcoming winter season. If you would like to experience all that acupuncture can offer you, or if you need help developing your immunity boosting plans this year, reach out and schedule some time to come into my office soon.

Traditional Chinese Medicine has a lot to offer you throughout the year. Learn more today!