How many Acupuncture treatments will I need?

What to expect from your acupuncture therapy – How many treatments will I need?

It’s hard to predict upfront how many treatments a person will need to see a significant improvement in the symptoms/issues that they are seeking acupuncture for. This is because everyone is an individual and has their own chemistry, wiring, and make-up that you can’t be certain how quickly they will respond to acupuncture. It also depends on the severity and chronicity of the symptoms they are experiencing.

Acupuncture treatment is cumulative.

 The acupuncture treatments build upon each other and the state of balance at the time of treatment.

Acupuncture is dosage-dependent.

Progress in symptom relief requires that the acupuncture treatments are close enough together in order to build upon each other and the balance achieved from the last treatment.

So that being said….

4 – 6 weekly treatments

 It is recommended that you start out with 4 to 6 weekly treatments.  Regular, consistent acupuncture treatment will yield faster results and create a solid foundation for your body to continue the healing process.


After the initial 4 – 6 weeks of treatments, we will reassess your condition, symptom relief, progress and needs. Then together we can make a plan for future acupuncture treatment.

Discontinue Care or Maintenance care

After the initial course of treatment, you may have improved to the point where you are ready to discontinue acupuncture treatment or you may still need/want to continue with maintenance care and can space out the treatments to 1 to 2 times a month or even quarterly.