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Asian Bodywork Therapy (ABT)

ABT includes various forms of massage/manual therapy techniques that are based upon Chinese Medical principles of assessment and treatment of the body & mind. The main forms of ABT that I use in treatment are below.


is an ancient Japanese form of Acupressure that is based on Chinese Medical Principles, using the same theory, diagnostics and treatment strategy, energetic channels and acu-points that Acupuncture uses to treat imbalances in the body. The therapeutic effects are long lasting and include reduced muscle tension and pain, increased circulation and immune function, improved sleep, as well as stress and anxiety relief.

Through the use of gentle rhythmic pressure, massage and stretching along the body’s energetic channels and Acu points, this practice can elicit physical and emotional change while inducing deep relaxation and a rejuvenated state of well-being.
Shiatsu is performed with the fully clothed client lying on a mat or a massage table. The client should wear loose comfortable clothing.

Thai Yoga Bodywork

combines gentle assisted yoga stretches with deep-tissue manipulation and deep static and rhythmic pressure. With focus on balanced breathing, muscular engagement and uniform stretching, it merges the physical and the mental creating a deep sense of tranquility and meditative calm.
Thai Yoga Bodywork is traditionally performed on a mat on the floor which provides the receiver both comfort and full-body support. Loose-fitting or stretchy clothing should be worn.


is an ancient technique from Chinese medicine that is used to break up stagnation and muscle tension. It can reach much deeper than a massage to encourage blood and qi flow through an area that is contracted and congested causing us pain and discomfort.


is also an ancient Chinese medical technique used to break up stagnation and muscle tension through rubbing the flesh with a tool to break up the congestion and restore blood/qi flow for reduced pain & discomfort.


is the burning of an herb (mugwort) above certain acupoints to promote qi and blood flow and affect change in the balance of energy.